Central Texas Tres Dias

Current Board Members



Melinda Armbruster


    Central Texas Tres Dias 4                            

    Hope Chapel

In 2010 I attended Central Texas Tres Dias #4. Since then I have been involved with this wonderful Community of Jesus followers. I have served on several weekends in various roles and very soon will have the great honor to serve as Central Texas Tres Dias #20 Women’s Rector. I have also had the great pleasure of serving on the Board as Recording Secretary, Member-At-Large, Newsletter committee, and most recently as President. I look forward to serving the Board, Community, and future Candidates as the Lord allows.


Tom Ancira


    Central Texas Tres Dias 14                      

    Whitestone Church, Lakeway TX

My name is Tom Ancira.  I attended CTTD #14, where I sat at the table of Matthew.  I worship and serve at White Stone Church in Lakeway, TX.  Going through my weekend, I knew immediately that I wanted to serve. God put in my heart a desire to want to be active within the CTTD community.  I have served on every weekend since #14.  I have also served in our neighboring Tres Dias community, Alamo City numerous times. The Tres Dias community is an important part of my life.  I am committed to the growth of this community and the participation of its Pescadores. To help teach the essentials and traditions of this wonderful organization. I have been honored to serve on the Fourth Day committee and look forward to being a part of the Central Texas Tres Dias community in whatever capacity.


Chenee’ Milam


    Central Texas Tres Dias 19

    Journey Bible Fellowship, Leander Texas

Hello, my name is Chenee’ Milam. My husband, 2 boys and myself attend Journey Bible Fellowship in Leander Texas.  I attended CTTD #19, where I sat at the table of Sarah. My journey with God has strengthened thru serving with the Tres Dias community. It has opened doors in my life that I had closed and He now allows my light to shine.  I believe that my past work experiences in accounting, strong communication skills, and attention to detail would greatly benefit our community.  I am horoned and truly blessed to have been nominated to serve as treasurer for CTTD.


Raquel Hernandez


     Central Texas Tres Dias 9                            

     Austin Christian Fellowship-Four Points

Hello friend! Grace and Peace to you! My name is Raquel Hernandez. I attended Central Texas Tres Dias #9 where I sat at the table of Esther. My husband, Jovan (CTTD #10, table of Paul), and I worship and serve at Austin Christian Fellowship-Four Points in Austin, TX. Since my life-changing weekend in March of 2013, I have had the privilege of serving on 11 weekends, including our sister community, Alamo City Tres Dias. It has been an honor to have represented you as Member at Large this past 2017. I look forward to serving you as a Recording Secretary.


Tammy Jaso


     Central Texas Tres Dias 12                            

     Red River Church

My name is Tammy Jaso. I attended CTTD #12 were I sat at the table of     Elizabeth. My husband Donato and I worship at Red River Church in Austin, Texas. After going through weekend #12, I knew that I'd serve the Lord in this ministry as long as He allows me to. He used my weekend experience to reawaken my spirit and I'll forever be so grateful to my sponsor for inviting me to attend. Since then, I've been blessed to have been able to serve at several CTTD and ACTD weekends and look forward to serving at many more! It's always so exciting to serve others as they journey through their weekends and to be able to witness how the Lord uses this ministry to change their lives. It was a joy to have served on the CTTD board as the Fourth Day Committee along with my husband, and now I am excited about serving as the Corresponding Secretary! De Colores!


Donato Jaso               
Central Texas Tres Dias #12                      
Red River Church,  Austin TX

My name is Donato Jaso and I attended Central Texas Tres Dias #12 where I sat at the Table of John. My wife Tammy and I worship at Red River Community Church in Austin Texas and I am running for the board position of Member At Large.

The Lord used Tres Dias to reawaken my walk with Him after 10 years of wandering in the wilderness. I have been truly blessed by the work that the Lord has done in my life through this ministry and I love having the opportunity of serving the Lord within this ministry. It's been a blessing to serve on 10 weekends for both Central Texas and Alamo City Tres Dias as well as currently serving on the Policy Committee for the Tres Dias International Secretariat. I am looking forward to the possibility of serving the Lord and this community as a Member At Large.

Ron LaFevers               
CTTD #5                      
Journey Bible Fellowship Church, Leander TX

My name is Ron LaFevers and I am running for the CTTD Board as an At- Large Member. I attended CTTD #5 where I sat at the table of Paul. My wife Susan and I serve and are very active at The Journey Bible Fellowship Church in Leander, Texas.

Like most of you my experiences with Tres Dias have been life changing and could only happen thru the love and grace of Jesus Christ. I have served as a team member on 16 different weekends and it only gets better each time. I have previously served on the Board as Treasurer, At-Large Member and currently as Vice-President. Serving on the board has been one of my ways of giving back to this wonderful community. I would love to continue serving our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ next year as an At-Large member and would be honored by your vote.

Kim Mozejko               
North Texas Walk To Emmaus #85                     
Hill Country Bible Church - Stiener Ranch, Austin TX

I believe that we have an exceptional foundation from which to build on. My weekend experiences and connection to the lives of brothers and sisters have inspired me, strengthened me and convinced me that God reigns in the lives of believers, and that we as a community are being used to impact lives all around us. God’s power emanating from Tres Dias is undeniable. It is incumbent upon us to live out God’s work through us and to share this “good news” with a broken world.

I believe that Tres Dias is the most life-changing and effective way for us to do this. My goal in running is to find new ways of getting the word out and making this a reality for more people and continuing to build on our strong foundation. Decolores!

Randy Owen               
CTTD # 4                      
Whitestone Church, Lakeway TX

My name is Randy Owen and I attended Central Texas Tres Dias #4. My wife, Rebecca, and I attend and serve at Whitestone Church in Lakeway.

I have worked every CTTD weekend since #9 and have also worked the first four weekends of ACTD. Through my experiences in working the many different positions during Tres Dias I have gained valuable knowledge about the Community. I would like to take the knowledge that I have gained from the weekends to help grow and serve the Central Texas Tres Dias community.

Dennis Tantalo               
Bethlehem Walk to Emmaus #19                      
Hill Country Bible Church - Lakeline, Austin TX

My name is Dennis Tantalo. I attended Bethlehem walk to Emmaus # 19 in Bonifay Fl, 2014, where I sat at the table of James.  My wife Sonyia and I attend Hillstone Church. ( For those that don't know what that means -- Hill Country Bible Church Lakeline and Whitestone Churches)

Since serving on my first weekend, CTTD #16, and following weekends and assisting with two ACTD weekends I have grown to love the Tres Dias community. Being used as a tool to help impact other's lives for Jesus's Kingdom has been a huge blessing in me and my wife Sonyia's life. It would be an honor and blessing to help server in this capacity to further the community.

Sonyia Tantalo               
CTTD #15                      
Hill Country Bible Church - Lakeline, Austin TX

My name is Sonyia Tantalo. My husband Dennis and I worship at Hill Country Bible Church - Lakeline and I attended CTTD #15. Since becoming a pescador I have had the pleasure of serving on seven weekends. I am active in two reunion groups and am truly blessed to be a part of the Tres Dias community. I would be honored to serve as a member at large and am eager to use my creativity and problem solving skills to help in any way that I can.