Central Texas Tres Dias

2018 Annual Meeting / Elections - April 21, 2018


Election Committee

This year during the 2018 Spring Secuela we will be holding our Annual Meeting and elections for positions that are becoming available.

The 2018 Election Committee this year is comprised of:

  1. Cyrenna Villegas

  2. Raquel Hernandez

  3. Denis Tantalo

  4. Umeko Vanduzee

  5. Bobby Richards

Nomination Information

If you are interested in any of the below positions or want to nominate someone for one of these positions on the Central Texas Tres Dias Board for 2018/2019, please fill out the Nominations Form.

This year the following positions are available for election:

  1. President ( 2 Years )

  2. Recording Secretary ( 2 Years )

  3. 4 At-Large Member positions ( 1 Year )

Current Nominee Information

Information on the people that have been nominated for positions so far can be found here.

Electronic Voting Registration

If you are not able to attend the Secuela on April 21st, you can register to vote electronically using the following form - Electronic Voting Registration.

All registrations must be received no later than 11:00AM Saturday April 21st in order to be valid.  After you have registered you will receive additional information closer to the the Secuela on how to vote electronically.  Electronic voting will open Saturday April 21st @ 6:00PM and close on Monday April 22nd @ 6:00PM. 

Detailed Position Descriptions
See section 6 in Central Texas Tres Dias By-Laws for complete listing.

In order to serve on the Board of Directors for Central Texas Tres Dias you must meet the following qualifications:

    1. 1.Have a lifestyle commensurate with Christian principles,

    2. 2.Be a member of a local church and in regular attendance,

    3. 3.Have a track record of support of the Tres Días movement and

    4. 4.Have worked on at least three (3) Tres Días Weekend teams; provided, however, that the Board of Directors may make such exceptions to this requirement as it deems appropriate.

Once the nominations have been collected, the names of those nominated will be presented at the Annual Meeting (Secuela) for voting. In addition, there will be an on line voting option provided before the annual meeting to give those unable to attend the annual meeting a chance to vote.

Please be prayerful as you consider those who would serve well on the CTTD Board. If you yourself would like to serve, let a fellow fellow community member know so that they may nominate you. If you are uncertain or doubtful about you ability to serve, go to God in prayer and ask for guidance. Remember, the Bible is full of examples of how God uses ordinary people like ourselves to achieve extraordinary things to promote His Kingdom.

God has blessed us with the honor of serving Him through CTTD. To continue to serve and honor Him we need men and women with Christian leadership qualities to come forward and lead. If approached to be nominated, please give careful and prayerful consideration to serving.

De Colores,

CTTD Nominations Committee